Saturday, September 15, 2007

FREE Traffic for Your Blog

Yet another great idea from Master Marketer, John Reese,
has just come in my email last night.

This time, it's a new and innovative way of
getting completely FREE "semi targeted" traffic flowing into your
blog, and "potentially" a huge amount of it, fast.

All you have to do is sign up and then copy and paste a small
piece of code into your blog, and forget about it.

Rather than try to explain how it all works right
here, you can see the plugin working by checking
out the widget that says, "From the Blogosphere," on the right
side navigation bar on my blog, and then clicking on the bottom
where it says, "Add Your Blog Posts - FREE." You will be redirected
to the plugin home page where you can watch the short, professional
presentation video.

I like the idea a lot, and it only took me about 5 minutes to register,
and add the code as a widget on my blog. That’s it, I don’t have to do
anthing else!

Will this really bring you lots of free traffic?

Honestly, I only added the thing about 15 minutes ago,
so I can’t possibly guarantee anything. But this whole marketing game
is about testing to see what works, and what doesn’t.

After you’ve registered and linked the free, easy to install plugin,
you will able to start seeing statistics in your account area, in
about 24 to 48 hours time.

I will write back a review on how this free traffic builder is
working for me, sometime in the next week.

Monday, September 10, 2007

End the Drip, Drip, Drip Now!

Is the idea of building a mailing list similar to hearing an annoying leaky water faucet for you?

Painfully slow dripping, aggravating and keeping you awake at night?

You know what I mean...a few trickles of subscribers here and there.

Enough to make you want to immediately ‘fix’ it right...

Well, there’s a 25 year old list building prodigy by the name of Alex Jeffreys whose
about to fix your leaky list plumbing, and send a virtual flood of fresh and new subscribers rushing your way.

Go here to take a look...

Alex was a young guy, laboring 60 hours a week in construction, while working online on the side and not getting very far until he tapped into eBay.

But NOT In The Way You Might Think.

Alex devised an ingenious strategy to use eBay to build a huge viral list.
He found some hidden loopholes in their system and took advantage of them in an
amazing way opening up a floodgate of new subscribers.

He was able to soon quit his job in construction and had a huge 6 figure year.
This system is everything you need to replicate Alex’s results for yourself.

Go and look at it here...

There’s the step-by-step written plan, a slew of highly detailed video tutorials,
members only forums with personal access to Alex, personal coaching
and much more...he has truly overdelivered!

Since it took a few of us nagging to convince Alex to even release his system, he has now agreed to share his complete system for incredible list building success...but only to a limited group. And I can assure you, there’s no false scarcity here, it is honestly limited.

Go see it now...

Once the membership reaches its capacity, Alex will close the doors to the live coaching.
If you’re in the mood for building a list so big that one email to them nets you thousands in cash on demand then you had better go get it while you still can.

As I write this there are still some spots available...but not that many.

Here’s To Easily Building Your Big List,

Go See It NOW...

Put Some New Zip in Your PC!

A couple years ago I was very happy because I bought my first top of the line computer system. Little did I know that in a little less than a year it would start slowing down to a bare crawl because of all the files I had downloaded.

About three months ago, I went out and spent almost $2400 on another PC (a laptop) because I couldn't figure out how to make my old machine regain its speed.

So . . .

You can image how ticked off I was when just yesterday I downloaded a nine dollar instruction manual that claimed it would help me make my old machine run faster and stop freezing on me. know what. . .

To my amazement, it worked like a charm!


I could have saved my 2400 bucks had this information been available some months earlier.

So if you are having these same slow computer symptoms, I highly, no, I VERY highly recommend that you grab this report right now and save yourself a lot of trouble and money all at the same.

Not to mention that your computer will run great after you follow the simple, step-by-step instructions here...

Click Here to See What I Mean.

Wishing You the Best Success,