Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Leaked WordPress and Copywriting Secret...

Did you know you can save at least four hours of time for each sales letter you write? What's your time worth? Even if you think your time is only worth minimum wage, it would only take you a few weeks to recoup your investment, just on the time you save.

This is why you SHOULD be using WordPress as a sales letter:

* Faster to design a sales letter in word press than in any html editor

* Your sales letter will get indexed immediately in the search engines (mine get in sometimes in less than 13 minutes)

* In one click, you can create your squeeze page to show in front of your sales letter (and turn it off and on at will)

* You can use our "fill in the blank" templates, so you can write great copy even if you're not a great copywriter

* You get an amazing bunch of plug-ins we've created to increase traffic and your conversion ratings...

* Use the "comments" feature of blogs to automatically collect testimonials...

Bottom line: WordPress sales letters get indexed in the search engines much faster than html sites. They are easy to do "fancy sales letter tweaks to" to quickly test different things that increase conversion. They are easy to get social media traffic.

So not only do you save time, but you also get better converting sales letter. Truth be told, you can probably make your investment back from this nice little package in less than 3 days.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Improve Your Site's Ranking with Article Marketing

It should always be your goal to provide those people who read your website or blog with relevant content. After all, whether someone is reading your personal blog and looking for perspective on their own circumstances or searching your business' blog for a solution to a problem they are having, they will not stick around if you cannot offer them what they are looking for.

Similarly, internet search engines like Google or Yahoo look for content when they providing results to a user's search query. There are a number of contributing factors that search engines use when ranking your site.

Among those factors are how recently and regularly the site has been updated and the relevance of the content included on the website. Therefore, it only makes sense that - as a website or blog owner - you would want to make sure that you have plenty of current relevant content on your site.

The challenge, however, is that you may not always have ideas for creating that content for yourself. Similarly, you may not have the resources available to you to hire a ghostwriter to create content that you can put your name on.

If you cannot create your own content or have content created especially for you, there is another option. You can search article directories to find articles that will help you to improve your site's ranking.

When you visit an article directory, you will have access to articles that have been written on a wide variety of topics. These articles are most often available free of charge, provided you do not change the content in any way and you leave the author's resource box in tact.

As a result, everyone wins. The author of the article is able to get more exposure. You are able to update your website or blog and to keep your content fresh. And your readers will be able to have access to information and insights that they are looking for.

To make sure that everyone benefits from the articles you choose, you will want to be sure that you are selecting articles from the article directory that are relevant to your website or blog. Simply search the article directories based on the category of your website or blog, or search based on the keywords or key concepts of your site.

When you think you have found an article that you want to use, read it. Then ask yourself, "Does this article tell my readers something that they will want to know?" Ask yourself, "Is the information in this article both current and accurate?"

If the answers to both of those questions is yes, chances are good that you have found an articles that will work on your website or blog. But before posting the article, read it again. By reading the article again, you will be able to make sure that, when you post the content on your site, you will be able to tag it with the appropriate keywords.

By taking the time to ensure that you choose the right articles for your website or blog, you will be able to be sure that your visitors find what they are looking for. By taking the time to choose articles that fit the concept and keywords of your website or blog, you will be able to be sure that search engines find the right information when your site is crawled.

Both of those elements will contribute to your site's ranking. By improving your site ranking with articles from article directories, you can be sure that you are doing your part to get the word out about your website or blog.

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Article Marketing - The Best FREE Way to Get Traffic

The simplest way to describe the phenomenon that is article marketing is that it is a type of advertising, generally found now online. With the introduction of the internet, it has never been easier to promote and advertise your product and service and Article Marketing is one way, possibly the easiest way, of doing it.

The basic way that one can explain Article Marketing, is to say that a small article is written and then submitted to the business industry that it relates to. Or, the article to be submitted over the internet, to article directories, or other web sites that, again, the short piece of writing relates to.

Once the article is written, it is distributed and publicized in the market place with one goal in mind: gaining readers. The more people that read it, the more people that are likely to want to know more and may go on to hire or purchase the product or service that you have advertised in the article, making it a great investment of your time and if you have paid for the article to be written for you, your money as well!

This style of marketing has the potential to gain the author of the article business credibility as well as obtaining possible new customers or clients. It is commonly known as free press space, especially seeing as article marketing has moved on from its traditional forms of paper print to the wonderful world on the internet, and is great for any business with a low budget for their advertising sector. With the increase of e-commerce and online marketing, it would be silly not to take up the offer of advertising with your articles online!

One thing that you need to bear in mind when considering using Article Marketing as a way of promoting your business or service, is that you will need to spend the time to write the article, or pay the small fee it will cost to have it written for you. You also need to ensure the article itself is up to scratch before submitting it otherwise, you will have wasted time and maybe money, to get little, or even no, possible new customers at all! However, if the article is well written, and the readers visit your link, you will get increased traffic to your website basically for FREE. And that can only mean one thing - more business and more money!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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