Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Easier Article Writing

Here is an easier way to create an article without having to do a lot of writing.

Go to Google and search for the keywords in the market you're interested in and add the word, "tips" at the end.

Example: Horse Training Tips

Scan through the results and write down all the tips you find in your own words.

It's important not to copy anything word for word.  Read the tips, make the information yours by writing it in your own words.

After you've written down 10-15 brief tips, type them into a text document and give the article a creatively descriptive title.

Example: Easy Horse Training Tips

Now you have an article you can use on your website and you can easily make many of these in any market you choose!

Go get some content for your sites the easy way...

Much Success,

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Do You Recognize These Names?

MediaWeblog, Inc

No ...?? How about these ...


What do all of the above have in common? Well, the first list I mentioned on the top are blog networks. And the second list are individual blogs that belong to a blog network.

I don't know if you realize these or not, but you should know, you can't really make it big with blogs unless you start and organize your own little empire of blogs network.

Now listen, there's a guy, a respected blogging expert, who runs his own successful blog network who recently poured his brain out when it comes to running and managing your own blog network.

This guy also spilled a secret, a little-known monetization strategy that is bigger than Adsense. He claims to have made over $50,000 last year with just this one strategy. I just listened to the recorded interview and it is breath-taking in how easy it can be implemented. You should take a F*REE look and listen to this yourself.

You can check out what this guy has to say...by simply clicking here...
Alright, click now and I'll see you there...

To your Success and Happiness!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Did You Miss Visitor Sense Videos?

Unless you were in a coma or just braindead, you probably heard about the 'VisitorSense Videos' that were released last November.

The videos showed how to turn any ordinary site into a money-making machine with passive income. I'm sure you can guess from the name of the videos that the 'main' topic was about AdSense. Though that was a large portion of the videos, there was MUCH more, especially regarding traffic and converting your sites into actual profit results.

Just as important, these videos weren't the same regurgitated content you see all over the place - they contained proof of real-time steps that could get you making money within 24 hours.

Anyway... word-of-mouth spread the news of the videos faster than most promos spread during a large, planned and organized launch by the big 'gurus'...

... and in no time at all over 6,000 marketers grabbed their own copy. And that was with basically no "marketing" of the videos at all. It was spread simply by word-of-mouth - literally!

The videos were ranked by big-name marketers as one of the most useful information products they'd ever seen.

If you missed the videos, Sorry. He's no longer offering them.


... those videos only told PART of the story.


There were many things he couldn't show in the real-time videos, such as concepts, strategies, and processes...

So he saved all of those for his new VisitorSense Ebook series.

If you haven't heard of JP Schoeffel (creator of the videos and ebook series), it's only because he's been one of those 'background marketers' that keeps a low profile and keeps his marketing secrets to himself.

Not anymore - he's going to show you EXACTLY how to create websites that automatically make you money...

- without your own products or mailing lists...
- without begging marketers to do JV's with you...
- without customer service nightmares... and
- without spending a lot of money.

JP's "all class", no "hype" way of doing business is something I really admire. He's also a completely down-to-earth guy. Something you often don't see in the internet marketing world, where "ripping people off", unfortunately happens WAY too much.

He has been doing this in his business for YEARS, and now he's decided to make his strategies public, and is willing to share everything he knows...


Plus, these eBooks contain brand new information and strategies that have NEVER been disclosed ANYWHERE else...

...not even in those VisitorSense videos I mentioned earlier.

That's why you have a tremendous advantage over those 6,000 VisitorSense Video users...


Keep reading, cause this last sentence of the email is even more important...

He's ALSO offering a FAST ACTION bonus you don't want to miss, and it's ONLY offered to the first 300 users!

Enjoy this one - and be sure to read every word of the eBook series because it WILL make a difference with your business.

Have fun!